Accepted papers

Here you can find the list of accepted papers for FG 2015. The preliminary program for the conference will be posted by March 9th, 2015.

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
2 Event Detection: Ultra Large-scale Clustering of Facial Expressions Thomas Vandal*, Affectiva; Daniel McDuff, ; Rana Kaliouby,
4 Perinasal Indicators of Deceptive Behavior Malcolm Dcosta, University of Houston ; Dvijesh Shastri*, University of Houston-Downtown; Ricardo Vilalta, University of Houston ; Judee Burgoon, University of Arizona; Ioannis  Pavlidis, University of Houston
10 Exploiting Sparsity and Co-occurrence Structure for Action Unit Recognition Yale Song*, Yahoo! Research; Daniel McDuff, Microsoft Research; Deepak Vasisht , MIT; Ashish Kapoor, Microsoft Research
11 IntraFace Fernando De La Torre*, Carnegie Mellon University; Wen-Sheng Chu, Carnegie Mellon University; Xuehan Xiong, Carnegie Mellon University; Francisco Vincente, Carnegie Mellon University; Xiaoyu Ding, Carnegie Mellon University; Jeff Cohn, University of Pittsburgh
15 Improved Weak Labels using Contextual Cues for Person Identification in Videos Makarand Tapaswi*, Karlsruhe Institute of Tech.; Martin Bäuml, KIT; Rainer  Stiefelhagen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
16 Hierarchical 3D Kernel Descriptors for Action Recognition Using Depth Sequences Yu Kong*, Northeastern University; Behnam Sattar, ; Yun Fu, Northeastern University
19 Triangular Similarity Metric Learning for Face Verification Lilei Zheng*, LIRIS; Khalid Idrissi, LIRIS; Christophe Garcia, LIRIS; stefan Duffner, LIRIS; Atilla Baskurt, LIRIS
23 The Beauty of Capturing Faces: Rating the Quality of Digital Portraits Miriam Redi*, Yahoo; Nikhil Rasiwasia, Yahoo; Gaurav Aggarwal, Yahoo; Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo
24 Block-wise Constrained Sparse Graph for Face Image Representation Handong Zhao*, Northeastern University; Zhengming Ding, Northeastern Univ.; Yun Fu, Northeastern University
28 Discriminative Low-Rank Metric Learning for Face Recognition Zhengming Ding*, Northeastern Univ.; Sungjoo Suh, ; Jae-Joon Han, ; Changkyu Choi, ; Yun Fu, Northeastern University
29 Hierarchical Hybrid Statistic based Video Binary Code and Its Application to Face Retrieval in TV-Series Yan Li*, ICT, CAS; Ruiping Wang, ICT, CAS; Shiguang Shan, ICT, CAS; Xilin Chen, ICT, CAS
30 Automatic 3D Facial Expression Recognition using Geometric Scattering Representation Xudong Yang, Beihang University; Di Huang*, Beihang University; Yunhong Wang, Beihang University; Liming Chen, Ecole Centrale de Lyon
31 Multiple Feature Representations from Multi-Layer Geometric Shape for Hand Gesture Analysis Kaoning Hu*, SUNY – Binghamton; Lijun  Yin, SUNY at Binghampton
32 Fast Sign Language Recognition Benefited From Low Rank Approximation Hanjie Wang*, ICT, CAS, China; Xiujuan Chai, ICT, CAS, China; yu Zhou, IIE, CAS; Xilin Chen, ICT, CAS
37 Shared Representation Learning for Heterogenous Face Recognition Dong Yi*, NLPR, CASIA; Zhen Lei, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Stan Li,
39 Spontaneous Facial Expression Analysis Based on Temperature Changes and Head Motions Peng Liu*, SUNY at Binghamton; Lijun  Yin, SUNY at Binghampton
41 Detecting Bids for Eye Contact Using A Wearable Camera Zhefan Ye*, Georgia Institute of Technoloy; Yin Li, ; Yun Liu, ; Chanel Bridges, ; Agata Rozga, ; James Rehg,
43 Discriminative 3D Morphable Model Fitting Xiangyu Zhu*, CASIA; Junjie Yan, ; Dong Yi, NLPR, CASIA; Zhen Lei, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Stan Li,
45 A Hierarchical Training and Identification Method using Gaussian Process Models for Face Recognition in Videos Negar Hassanpour*, UNBC; Liang Chen, University of Northern British Columbia
46 Facial Expression Recognition under a Wide Range of Head Poses Radu Vieriu*, DISI; Sergey Tulyakov, ; Stanislau Semeniuta, ; Enver Sangineto, ; Nicu Sebe, Trento University
47 Human Pose Search using Deep Poselets Nataraj Jammalamadaka*, IIIT Hyderabad; Andrew Zisserman, University of Oxford; C. V.  Jawahar, IIIT Hyderabad
51 Inference of Personality Traits and Affect Schedule by Analysis of Spontaneous Reactions to Affective Videos Mojtaba Khomami Abadi*, University of Trento; Juan Abdon Miranda , Queen Mary University of London; Julia Wache, University of Trento; Heng Yang, Queen Mary University of London; Ioannis Patras, Queen Mary University of London; Nicu Sebe, Trento University
52 Pairwise Linear Regression: An Efficient and Fast Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition Mahdi Jampour*, Graz University of Technology; Thomas Mauthner, ; Horst Bischof,
53 Predicting Video-Conferencing Conversation Outcomes Based on Modeling Facial Expression Synchronization Rui Li*, University of Rochester; Jared Curhan, MIT; M.Ehsan Hoque, Univeristy of Rochester
54 Sparse Low-Rank Fusion based Deep Features for Missing Modality Face Recognition Ming Shao*, Northeastern University; Zhengming Ding, Northeastern Univ.; Yun Fu, Northeastern University
55 Facial Makeup Detection Technique Based on Texture and Shape Analysis Neslihan Kose*, EURECOM; Ludovic Apvrille, Telecom ParisTech; Jean-Luc Dugelay, EURECOM
56 Sports Videos in the Wild (SVW): A Video Dataset for Sports Analysis Seyed Morteza Safdarnejad, Michigan State University; Xiaoming Liu*, Michigan State University; Lalita Udpa, Michigan State University; Brooks Andrus, TechSmith Corporation; John Wood,  TechSmith Corporation; Dean Craven,  TechSmith Corporation
58 How much training data for facial action unit detection? Jeffrey Girard*, University of Pittsburgh; Jeff Cohn, University of Pittsburgh; Laszlo Jeni, Carnegie Mellon University; Simon Lucey, Carnegie Mellon University; Fernando De La Torre, Carnegie Mellon University
59 Three Dimensional Binary Edge Feature Representation for Pain Expression Analysis XING ZHANG*, Binghamton University; Lijun  Yin, SUNY at Binghampton; Jeff Cohn, University of Pittsburgh
62 Joint Regularized Nearest Points for Image Set based Face Recognition Meng Yang*, Shenzhen University; Weiyang Liu, Peking University; linlin Shen,
63 Three-Dimensional Head Pose Estimation in-the-Wild Xi Peng*, Rutgers University; Junzhou Huang, The University of Texas at Arlington; Qiong Hu, ; Shaoting Zhang, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
64 A New Hand Representation Based on Kernels for Hand Posture Recognition Toi Nguyen*, MICA Institute; Lan Le, Institute MICA; Hai Tran, Institute MICA; Rémy Mullot, L3i; Vincent Courboulay, L3i
67 Dynamic facial expression recognition by joint static and multi-time gap transition classification Arnaud Dapogny*, ISIR; Kevin Bailly, ISIR; Severine Dubuisson, ISIR
68 Siamese Neural Network based Similarity Metric for Inertial Gesture Classification and Rejection Samuel Berlemont*, Orange Labs; Grégoire Lefebvre, Orange Labs; Stefan Duffner, Université de Lyon, CNRS INSA-Lyon; Christophe Garcia, Université de Lyon, CNRS INSA-Lyon
71 Cross-Cultural Detection of Depression from Nonverbal Behaviour Sharifa Alghowinem*, ANU; Roland Goecke, University of Canberra; Jeff Cohn, University of Pittsburgh; Michael Wagner, University of Canberra; Gordon  Parker, University of New South Wales; Michael  Breakspear, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
83 Fully Automated Facial Picture Evaluation Using High Level Attributes Arnaud Lienhard*, GIPSA-Lab; Alice Caplier, Grenoble-INP; Patricia Ladret,
86 3D Local Derivative Pattern for Hyperspectral Face Recognition Jie Liang*, Australian National University; Jun Zhou, ; Yongsheng Gao,
87 Multi-Instance Hidden Markov Model For Facial Expression Recognition Chongliang Wu, USTC; SHANGFEI WANG*, USTC; Qiang Ji, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
89 Enhanced facial expression recognition by age Shan Wu, ; SHANGFEI WANG*, USTC; Jun Wang,
91 Adaptive LPQ: An Efficient Descriptor for Blurred Face Recognition Jun Li*, BUPT; Shasha Li, ; Jiani Hu, BUPT; Weihong Deng, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunnications
93  Age Estimation via Unsupervised Neural Networks Xiaolong Wang*, Udel; Chandra Kambhamettu, udel
94 3D Interaction Design: Increasing the Stimulus-Response Correspondence by using Stereoscopic Vision Toni Fetzer*, FHWS; Christian Petry, FHWS; Frank Deinzer, FHWS; Karsten Huffstadt, FHWS
96 Robust Gaze Estimation Based on Adaptive Fusion of Multiple Cameras Murat Arar*, EPFL; Hua Gao, EPFL; Jean-Philippe Thiran, EPFL
99 Analyzing Trajectories on Grassmann Manifold for Early Emotion Detection from Depth Videos Taleb Alashkar*, Telecom-lille; Boulbaba Ben Amor, ; Stefano Berretti, ; Mohamed Daoudi, Telecom-Lille
103 Efficient and Effective Human Action Recognition in Video through Motion Boundary Description with a Compact Set of Trajectories Jeong-jik Seo*, KAIST; Jisoo Son, KAIST; Hyungil Kim, KAIST; Wesley Neve, Ghent University; Young Man Ro, KAIST
106 Exploration of the Correlations of Attributes and Features in Faces Matthaeus Schumacher*, University of Siegen; Volker Blanz, “University of Siegen, Germany”
109 Lessons from Collecting a Million Biometric Samples Patrick Flynn, University of Notre Dame; Kevin  Bowyer, Notre Dame; Jonathon Phillips*, NIST
110 A Random Forest Approach to Segmenting and Classifying Gestures Ajjen Joshi*, Boston University; Stan Sclaroff, ; Margrit Betke, ; Camille Monnier,
116 Automated Prediction and Analysis of Job Interview Performance: The Role of What You Say and How You Say It Iftekhar Naim*, University of Rochester; Iftekhar Tanveer, University of Rochester; Daniel Gildea, University of Rochester; M.Ehsan Hoque, Univeristy of Rochester
120 Realistic Inverse Lighting from a Single 2D Image of a Face, Taken Under Unknown and Complex Lighting Davoud Shahlaei*, University of Siegen; Volker Blanz, “University of Siegen, Germany”
122 Play with Me – Measuring a Child’s Engagement in a Social Interaction Shyam Sundar Rajagopalan*, University of Canberra; O.V. Ramana Murthy, ; Roland Goecke, University of Canberra; Agata Rozga,
125 Modeling Transition Patterns Between Events for Temporal Human Action Segmentation and Classification Yelin Kim*, University of Michigan; Jixu Chen, GE Global Research; Ming-Ching Chang, GE Global Research; Xin Wang, State University of New York; Emily Mower Provost, University of Michigan; Siwei Lyu,
126 Multi-view Discriminant Analysis with Tensor Representation and Its Application to Cross-view Gait Recognition Yasushi Makihara*, Osaka University; Al Mansur, Osaka University; Daigo Muramatsu, Osaka University; Zasim Uddin, Osaka University; Yasushi Yagi, Osaka University
128 Multi-sensor System for Driver’s Hand-Gesture Recognition Pavlo Molchanov*, Tampre University of Technology; Shalini Gupta, Nvidia Research; Kihwan Kim, Nvidia Research; Kari Pulli, Nvidia Research
130 Domain Adaptive Sparse Representation-Based Classification Heng Zhang*, University of Maryland; Vishal Patel, UMIACS; sumit Shekhar, University of Maryland; Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland at College Park
131 On Video Based Face Recognition Through Adaptive Sparse Dictionary Naimul Khan*, Ryerson University; Xiaoming Nan, Ryerson University; Azhar Quddus, ACS Corporation; Edward Rosales, Ryerson University; Ling Guan, Ryerson University
134 Hand Detection in American Sign Language Depth Data Using Domain-Driven Random Forest Regression Zahoor Zafrulla, Georgia Institute of Techonology; Himanshu Sahni*, Georgia Tech; Abdelkareem Bedri, Georgia Institute of Technology; Pavleen Thukral, Georgia Institute of Techonology; Thad Starner,
136 Speeding up 2D-Warping for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Harald Hanselmann*, Informatik 6, RWTH Aachen; Hermann Ney, RWTH Aachen University
138 Variable-state Latent Conditional Random Fields for Facial Expression Recognition and Action Unit Detection Robert Walecki, Imperial College London; Ognjen Rudovic*, Imperial College London; Vladimir Pavlovic , Rutgers University; Maja Pantic,
140 Probabilistic Nearest Neighbor Search for Robust Classification of Face Image Sets Wen Wang*, ICT,CAS; Ruiping Wang, ICT, CAS; Shiguang Shan, ICT, CAS; Xilin Chen, ICT, CAS
141 Face Recognition under Pose Variation with Active Shape Model to Adjust Gabor Filter Kernels and to Correct Feature Extraction Location Claudio  Perez*, Universidad de Chile; Leonardo Cament, Universidad de Chile; Francisco Galdames, Universidad de Chile; Kevin Bowyer, University of Notre Dame
143 Where is my Friend? – Person identification in Social Networks Deepak Pathak*, IIT Kanpur; Sai Nitish Satyavolu, IIT Kanpur; Vinay Namboodiri, Indian Institute of Technology
149 Combining Discriminative and Model Based Approaches for Hand Pose Estimation Philip Krejov*, University of Surrey; andrew Gilbert, ; Richard Bowden, University of Surrey
151 Dense 3D Face Alignment from 2D Videos in Real-Time Laszlo Jeni*, Carnegie Mellon University; Jeff Cohn, University of Pittsburgh; Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University
166 On the Quantitative Analysis of Craniofacial Asymmetry in 3D Federico Sukno*, Pompeu Fabra University; Mario Rojas, Dublin City University; John Waddington, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Paul Whelan, Dublin City University
177 Expression Robust 3D Face Recognition by Matching Multi-component Local Shape Descriptors on the Nasal and Adjoining Cheek Regions Jiangning Gao, University of Bath; Adrian Evans*, University of Bath
180 Multi-level classification of emotional body expression Nesrine Fourati*, Institute Telecom ParisTech; Catherine Pelachaud, Telecom ParisTech, CNRS
183 Robust Multimodal Recognition via Multitask Multivariate Low-Rank Representations Heng Zhang*, University of Maryland; Vishal Patel, UMIACS; Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland at College Park
186  Leveraging  Geometry and Appearance Cues for Recognizing Family Photos Xiaolong Wang*, Udel; Guodong Guo, University of West Virgina; Rohith MV, University of Delaware; Chandra Kambhamettu, udel
190 Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Using 3D Multi-Depth Generic Elastic Models Zhongjun Wu*, BUPT; Jiayu Li, ; Jiani Hu, BUPT; Weihong Deng, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunnications
194 Correcting Radial and Perspective Distortion by Using Face Shape Information Tung-Ying Lee, NTHU; Tzu-Shan Chang, ; Shang-Hong Lai*, National Tsing-Hua University
204 Supervised Learning Approach to Remote Heart Rate Estimation from Facial Videos Ahmed Osman, Affectiva; Ahmed Osman*, Affectiva; Rana Kaliouby, ; Jay Turcot, Affectiva
208 The More the Merrier: Analysing the Affect of a Group of People in Images Abhinav Dhall*, University of Canberra; Jyoti Joshi, University of Canberra; Karan Sikka, University of California San Diego; Roland Goecke, University of Canberra; Nicu Sebe, Trento University
210 Action Unit Intensity Estimation using Hierarchical Partial Least Squares Tobias Gehrig*, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT); Ziad Al-Halah, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT); Hazım Ekenel, Istanbul Technical University; Rainer  Stiefelhagen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
211 To Skip or not to Skip? A Dataset of Spontaneous Affective Response of Online Advertising (SARA) for Audience Behavior Analysis Songfan Yang*, Sichuan University; Le An, ; Mehran Kafai, HP Labs; Bir Bhanu,
213 Prediction Gradients for Feature Extraction and Analysis from Convolutional Neural Networks Henry Lo*, UMass Boston; Joseph Cohen, UMass Boston; Wei Ding, Umass Boston
216 OuluVS2: a multi-view audiovisual database for non-rigid mouth motion analysis Iryna Anina*, University of Oulu, Finland; Ziheng Zhou, University of Oulu; Guoying Zhao, “University of Oulu, Finland”; Matti  Pietikainen, “University of Oulu, Finland”
224 Report on the FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation Ross Beveridge*, Colorado State University; Hao Zhang, Colorado State University; Bruce Draper, Colorado State University; Patrick Flynn, University of Notre Dame; Zhenhua Feng, University of Surrey; Patrik Huber, University of Surrey; Josef  Kittler, University of Surrey; Zhiwu Huang, Chinese Academy of Science; Shaoxin Li, Chinese Academy of Science; Yan Li, ICT, CAS; Meina Kan, Chinese Academy of Science; Ruiping Wang, Chinese Academy of Science; Shiguang Shan, ICT, CAS; Xilin Chen, ICT, CAS; Haoxiang Li, Stevens Institute of Technology; Gang Hua, Stevens Institute of Technology; Vitomir Struc, University of Ljubljana; Janez Krizaj, University of Ljubljana; Changxing Ding, University of Technology, Sydney; Dacheng Tao, University of Technology, Sydney; Jonathon Phillips, NIST
225 FG2015  Age Progression Evaluation Andreas Lanitis*, Cyprus University of Technolog; Nicolas  Tsapatsoulis, Cyprus University of Technology; Kleanthis Soteriou, Cyprus University of Technology; Daiki Kuwahara, Waseda University; Shigeo Morishima, Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering
226 Fine-grained Evaluation on Face Detection in the Wild Bin Yang*, CASIA; Junjie Yan, ; Zhen Lei, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Stan Li,
227 The FG 2015 Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation Jiwen Lu*, ADSC; Junlin Hu, NTU, Singapore; Venice Erin Liong, ADSC, Singapore; Xiuzhuang Zhou, CNU, China; Andre Bottino, Politecnico di Torino; Ihtesham Ul Islam, Politecnico di Torino; Tiago Vieira, Politecnico di Torino; Xiaoqian Qin, NUAA; Xiaoyang Tan, NUAA, China; Songcan Chen, “Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China”; Shahar Mahpod, Bar Ilan University, Israel; Yosi K , BIU; Lilei Zheng, LIRIS; Khalid Idrissi, LIRIS; Christophe Garcia, LIRIS; stefan Duffner, LIRIS; Atilla Baskurt, LIRIS; Santana Modesto Castrillón, ULPGC, Spain; Javier Lorenzo-Navarro, SIANI-Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
232 Optical Flow based Lip Reading using Non Rectangular ROI and Head Motion Reduction Jun Shiraishi, Kyushu Institute of Technology; Takeshi Saitoh*, Kyushu Institute of Technology
233 Active Nonrigid ICP Algorithm Shiyang  Cheng*, Imperial College London; Ioannis Marras, Imperial College London; Stefanos Zafeiriou , Imperial College London; Maja Pantic,
236 A Survey on Mouth Modeling and Analysis for Sign Language Recognition Epameinondas Antonakos, Imperial College London; Anastasios  Roussos, Imperial College London; Stefanos Zafeiriou *, Imperial College London